Book your property in for aerial photography & videography.
  • Roof inspections
  • Marketing photos and video


We have a bullet proof track record providing quality and efficient full refurbishments on over 15 properties.


Trusted viewing service for investors because we know how valuable time is when it comes to purchasing an investment. 

Why use Elite Sourcers Viewing Service?

Purchasing properties you have never viewed?
Purchasing properties you have never viewed?

Sometimes investing in the right area means looking outside your postcode. We are here for the investors that cannot get out to the areas of their interest. We view, we report and we help you where needed.

Using a sourcing agent for the first time? 
Using a sourcing agent for the first time? 

First ever time using a sourcing agent or just using a different one to usual can be scary, putting your trust in someone who may only have little experience. Send us the property details, we will supply an in-depth review of the property. Potentially saving you thousands.

Interested in buying a property but not enough time?
Interested in buying a property but not enough time?

You may have seen a property listed online and know it will be perfect for you. If you are stuck in work, or away on holiday, Elite Viewing Services will be available to your request. 

Paying for surveys? 
Paying for surveys? 

Before spending hundreds on a survey for a property, we offer an initial overview of a property to find any issues that would turn you away from the property. Saving you having to wait for a surveyor and the cost that comes with it.

What's included? 

We send out investment analysts and construction specialists to do a full inspection report on a property at a fraction of the price of a Surveyor. 

Detailed viewing reports include:

  • Photos

  • Videos

  • Internal work

  • External work

  • Structural report

  • Damp proofing report

  • Area overview 

  • Rental figures

  • Re-valuation figures

  • Japanese Knotweed investigation 

  • Estimates on amount of work needed 


Viewing Package


x1 Viewing Report

Viewing Package


x3 Viewing Report

Viewing Package


x5 Viewing Report

Rental Inventory


Inventory for rentals

Rental inventories
Elite offers cost-effective, reliable, independent inventories to ensure your  properties, fittings and furnishings are fully accounted for.



"Absolutely fantastic!
I was unable to get enough time off work to go out and view potential investment properties, but the team at Elite has made the entire experience stress free!
They provided me with a comprehensive overview of the properties which I was interested in, and this has led to the potential purchase of my first investment property.
The information provided was detailed and it was as if I was viewing the property myself due to the photos and videos which the team included in their report.
I will definitely be using this service again as it is so convenient.
Thanks Guys!"

Nigel R. - Property Investor



For more information please do not hesitate to get in touch.



*Disclaimer - we are not RICS surveyors - all information provided are estimates and educated/experienced overviews.*